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Breakfast With My Friend, Ed, at Sullivan St Bakery

30 Jun

Before I launched the blog, there were a few friends I confided in for moral support and content advice.  Ed Baynard was one of them.  Ed started his career in the fashion industry but when he turned his attention to painting, he quickly became one of the hottest artists in New York.  Over the last 35 years Ed’s work has become part of the permanent collections of the Met, the Whitney, MoMA, and Tate Modern in London, among other incredible institutions worldwide.

My friend, Lisa, introduced us over dinner at Ed’s then favorite Asian restaurant in Chelsea several years ago.  From that meal forward, Ed and I have bonded over our love of food, photography, our favorite haunts in Hell’s Kitchen (where Ed lives and I used to work), and ceramics of any kind.  One place in Hell’s Kitchen we both love is Sullivan St Bakery on West 47th Street.  Ed has breakfast there most mornings so we thought it would be fun to share some of Ed’s fabulous photos of the breads, pastries and Roman-style pizzas he saw the other morning while getting his daily bread and very strong cup of coffee.

Clockwise From Top Left: Fresh ciabatta piccolo loaf with homemade Sullivan St strawberry rhubarb jam; Il Canotto (brioche dough, gruyère cheese, pancetta, and marscarpone) & Bombolini with homemade jam filling (signature Italian-style doughnut); Owner Jim Lahey with a baker inspecting the morning’s goods; Various breads cooling on a rack


Chic Boutique: AP Opens in Lakeside, Michigan

29 Jun

Chris and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary in New Buffalo, Michigan this past weekend.  As one of my presents, Chris actually agreed to go shopping with me so I jumped at the rare chance to do so!  Mind you, it meant that Chris sat either in the car or on a bench reading while I went through the stores…but it was shopping “togetherness” nonetheless!!

Linda (my sister) has been to New Buffalo a few times so she told me to drive along Red Arrow Highway to find cool antiques and home stores.  I never imagined I’d find the chicest little jewel box of a vintage clothing and accessories store as AP along the way.  AP features vintage designer clothing from Chloé, Karl Lagerfeld, YSL, among others, as well as espadrilles and Beatriz Furest accessories from Spain, Italian leather goods from Henry Beguelin, handwoven textiles from Ethiopia, organic Saipua soaps from Brooklyn, and AP’s own jewelry collection.


Best-Ever Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe

27 Jun

Happy Birthday to me!  Today’s my birthday so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite chocolate cake recipe.  Chris (my husband) is an insane baker and he’s been making this recipe for years.  The first time I tried it tears literally formed in my eyes!  And my best friend, Tanya, practically stalked Chris last summer until he agreed to show her how to make this cake when we were at staying with her and her husband at their home in Sag Harbor.  It’s really that good!

I also like the simplicity of a sheet cake vs. a tiered cake.  There’s something so “old-school chic” about it!  Hope you like it as much as me!!


My Favorite Summer Breakfast

24 Jun

Last August, when Chris and I moved back to Chicago from NYC with eight days notice, we lived at my sister, Linda, and brother-in-law, Jeff’s house for the first month until our apartment was ready.  Jeff is a professional athlete so he travels 30+ weeks a year.  But when Jeff’s home, he, for the most part, gets to relax and spend time in the kitchen as he, too, is an avid cook and baker.  He’s also an incredible breakfast smoothie maker!  When Jeff was home, we would wake up to his smoothies every morning and they were absolutely heavenly!  We sometimes daydream about having Jeff live with us because he spoiled us rotten!!

Now that berries are in season and tasting so sweet, I thought that it’s the perfect time to share Jeff’s delicious recipe!


Jeanette Bronée’s Inspiring Story + Eco-Chic Cookware

22 Jun

I recently joined a women’s dinner club that meets about every six weeks in NYC and I’ve had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Jeanette Bronée.  Jeanette has quickly become a major influence in my life by helping me understand my relationship with food and how good and bad food choices affect you physically, emotionally and otherwise.

I was thrilled when Jeanette agreed to share her picks for the best healthy cookware.  And I was even more excited when Jeanette also agreed to share her journey from the fashion industry to her company, Path For Life, a self-nourishment center.   I left Prada for an internet venture in mid-2008 and have since experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in my life, so Jeanette’s story really inspired and motivated me to believe in my path.  Jeanette once told me that we sometimes truly find our way through the worst imaginable circumstances and she has definitely done just that.

So sit back and be inspired! And then check out her awesome cookware picks and why they’re so great for your food!!


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