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Weekend = Pancakes!

30 Mar

So I have a confession to make…but I should start by saying that I have never, ever liked pancakes – EVER! Last month Chris decided to try his Mamaw Dunagan’s griddle cake recipe and I have made him make them literally every weekend since!!  His pancakes have a slightly sweet flavor and an almost cake-like consistency.  Chris very lightly butters each pancake and that’s it!  As he says, the mark of a good pancake is one that doesn’t need syrup.

The recipe comes from the 1986 edition of The Wednesday Study Club Cook Book, a community group Chris’ grandmother was involved with in Monahans, Texas, where she lived for the majority of her 97 years of life. The ingredients are the exact same as the pancake recipe found in the Joy of Cooking, but the measurements are different.  Chris shared his tips with me on how he makes such a darn good pancake so please follow the instructions word for word and you won’t go wrong. Dee-lish! (more…)

The Streets of Paris

4 Mar

I woke up today to this fabulous Paris Fashion Week street style recap in my inbox from Vicky Tiel, designer extraordinaire (she designed the red gown Julia Roberts wore to the opera in Pretty Woman!!), author of It’s All About the Dress: What I Learned in Forty Years About Men, Women, Sex and Fashion, and friend.  Ed Baynard received it, too, and we both thought that this was too good not to share. I emailed Vicky back to ask if I could and she typed back, “Share away!”

So if you’re not in Paris, here are Vicky’s observations on what the fashion elite currently are wearing and a few other anecdotes.  And if you haven’t read her book yet, you need to!  It’s better than any reality show on TV!


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