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10 Perfect Days In Paris+ …with designer Vicky Tiel

21 Apr

When Vicky Tiel’s autobiography, It’s All About the Dress, came out last year, I read a glowing review in The Wall Street Journal and told my friend, Ed Baynard, that I wanted to buy it.  He laughed and said that Vicky was an old and dear friend.  Turns out they were ex-pats in Paris together in their early 20s and Ed helped Vicky and her then business partner, Mia Fonssagrives, open their first fashion boutique in St Germain.  Vicky and I have since become friends and I could sit and listen to her stories for hours and hours…and have!!  When Vicky was recently in Paris, I asked if she would give us a “day in the life” recap of her trip because Vicky is a fashion foodie, too!  Her book is filled with recipes received first-hand from the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.

And be sure to tune in this coming Tuesday, April 25th, for Vicky’s fashion collection debut on HSN.


Tea for Me

9 Apr

When I found out I was pregnant early last Summer, I was shocked to also find out that I had to give up green and herbal teas.  Since Jack was born in January, I’ve made it one of my missions to discover new teas, especially ones I haven’t been able to drink for a while!  Since I tend to gravitate towards red teas and classic teas, like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, it’s been fun to drink and critique new flavors.

I was excited to receive a box set of green, herbal, and black teas from Le Palais des Thés to discover new favorites.  Each box set contains nine varieties of the finest quality, whole leaf teas, 54 cotton muslin tea bags in total.  And every packet is marked with tasting advice symbols indicating the amount of caffeine, how long to steep the tea, and the optimum water temperature for the perfect cup of tea.  I recently purchased this instant read thermometer on the recommendation of my brother-in-law, Peter.  It’s great for cooking as well as confirming the water temperature for your tea!


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