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Solar Powered Front Yard Chicken Coops

15 Jul

Nancy and Peter Zander were your typical fabulous New Yorkers.  Nancy worked as an art and antiques dealer for years uptown and Peter was a fashion photographer, who now focuses on lifestyle photography and is also an inventor.  When the need for more space hit, they decided to move their family out of the city to a farm in Katonah, NY.  Embracing their new lifestyle, their youngest daughter Clara (then 8, now 16) asked for a chicken.  Peter had chickens growing up and Nancy loved the thought of having fresh eggs in the morning, so they bought five chickens.

Now, almost a decade later, the entire Zander family has made eating sustainably a major part of their lives.  Peter recently invented the Front Yard Coop (above), the first solar powered, self-propelled chicken coop that merges green technology, natural food, sustainable agriculture and a chic design all in one.  The deluxe “Full Monty” Coop has a solar powered motor that gradually moves the coop approximately 16 feet per hour, giving caged chickens limitless free range space across your yard.  At 4′ wide x 8′ long, the coop is perfect for up to six standard sized birds.  And if the coop bumps into something, it automatically turns itself around and moves in another direction.  The coop holds food and water for days, dispensing it automatically.  Chemical fertilizers for your lawn are also eliminated because the birds fertilize it naturally for you!


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